strategy project and policy services to business and government

Services offered

Strategy advice and organisational reform

  • develop organisational  and program reform strategies for local councils and government agencies;
  • consult on corporate strategic and management issues, including change management;
  • conduct efficiency and effectiveness reviews  of local and state government programs and management;
  • advise on local government reform – organisational, financial and strategic;
  • devise strategies for addressing government reforms in programs and policies affecting business;
  • advise on strategies to persuade governments and/or relevant government agencies to remove unjustified regulatory roadblocks or change perverse policy settings;
  • provide strategy advice on the introduction of innovative products especially with environmental benefits;

Project and issues management

  • manage projects from their inceptions through to the completion of all regulatory approvals;
  • prepare optimal strategies for projects that require regulatory approvals, including assessing regulatory risk for projects at an earlier stage and advising of pathways to minimise such risk;
  • select and engage technical consultants for projects requiring land use or environmental consents (such as planners, architects, and environmental consultants);
  • oversight the quality of technical reports and material prepared for submission to regulatory agencies and liaising with regulatory agencies where appropriate;
  • project problem solving;
  • advise on infrastructure procurement and tendering strategies for State and local government projects;
  • the mediation of disputes or objections arising from planning, development, infrastructure or environmental proposals;
  • issues management including providing advice on community and media issues that may arise from projects or strategies;
  • community liaison, community mediation and advice on community consultation processes.

Policy development and evaluation

  • prepare policy positions for industry groups and corporations and advise on the implications of government policies and policy reform proposals;
  • prepare policies, and policy reforms, for State and local government programs and represent  those to agencies where appropriate;
  • formulate and draft policy and other submissions to governments or local councils  on behalf of organisations;
  • advise on the implications of government policies and policy reform proposals;
  • provide appraisals of the policies, regulations, and strategies of local and state governments, as they affect a specific business enterprise;

Training and speaking engagements

  • conduct workshops and presentations for public servants on public sector governance issues;
  • conduct workshops and presentations for council staff and councillors on local council governance and the management of community expectations and consultation processes;
  • give speeches/presentations to industry groups, company management teams,  and professional organizations on topical government policy and regulatory issues in planning, environment, energy and infrastructure;
  • give speeches/presentations on contemporary political issues.

Other services